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Manufacturer of Exclusively Virgin Quality HM-HDPE Jerry Cans & Open Top Drums
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Strength: Superior quality virgin HM-HDPE (High Molecular - High Density Polyethylene) material used by us, gives the container strength and longer life.

Stackability: Our containers are suitable for stacking upto 2.5 mtrs. height as per UN/ISO standard without getting distorted.

No Leakage: Containers are 100% leak-proof.

Hot Pouring: No deshaping / softening of the containers is observed even after filling hot water upto 600 C.

Food Product Compatibility: The use of HM-HDPE, food grade material along with compatible master batches makes it suitable for edible products. It is without odour pick-up and there is no migration of plastic into the product.

Marking: Screen printing/ stenceling / labelling can be done on the smooth-finish surface of the container.

Freezing: Neither buckling or rupture nor leakage is observed after the containers are filled with anti-freezing solution and exposed to minus 18 0 C temperature.

Pressure: Our containers are strong enough to withstand 2.5 kg/cm 2 pressure.

Colour: Jerrycans are normally manufactured in natural white/blue as standard colours. Drums are manufactured in blue colour. On request, the product can be manufactured in any other colour for bulk users.

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